Automate Your Premium Bill Consolidation & Reconciliation

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Simplify the premium billing process for your clients! By adding the AdminaHealth Billing Suite to your benefits automation tech stack, you will delight clients with accurate billing services including bill consolidation and invoice reconciliation for all coverages!

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Once implemented, the AdminaHealth Billing Suite will transform your customers’ businesses by:

✔️ Handling all bill types and coverages

✔️ Automating reconciliation reducing effort to a subset of exceptions

✔️ Generating a bill with a consolidated view including all core and voluntary benefits

Implementation can happen any time during the plan year!

Billing Simplified:

billing as easy as 1, 2, 3..

Billing process

AdminaHealth Billing Suite®

Manual Processing

Automated Bill Consolidation
(Including sub-consolidation)

Automated Invoice Reconciliation
(Including sub-reconciliation)

Exceptions Dashboard
(Review only exceptions)

Agnostic Platform Integration
(Any enrollment, ben admin, or payroll platform)

Vendor Reporting
(Automated Self-Bill)

Measurable Reduction in FTE Hours & Cost

HIPAA Security
(HITRUST and NIST compliant)




Making the Switch

Transitioning your premium billing from a manual to an automated process with the AdminaHealth Billing Suite can be as easy as turning on the switch in your benefit administration software.

Count the Hours You'll Save

When you use the AdminaHealth Billing Suite to reconcile and consolidate your employee benefits premium bills, you can significantly reduce the time you spend manually doing these tasks while ensuring a level of accuracy that cannot be easily achieved manually. 

Not only does this give you more time back to growing your business, but you also have the confidence that your bills are accurate and you are meeting your SLAs on a consecutive month-to-month basis.

THE Benefits Billing Platform

With the AdminaHealth Billing Suite, 
benefit administration professionals will:


✔️ Have confidence in accurate billing that automatically finds and documents exceptions

✔️ Integrate with any benefit administration platform

✔️ Save time with automated bill consolidation and reconciliation and streamlined workflows – ditch the spreadsheets

✔️ Quickly introduce new products to market

✔️ Be able to migrate any time during the plan year or at renewal time

Retain current clients + Easily add new business

Based upon industry data, the top issue affecting both growth and satisfaction in the benefits industry
is the legacy approach to benefits billing.

Billing is often the #1 complaint to brokers and the #1 reason clients leave.

You can solve this with AdminaHealth!

As benefits continue to grow and diversify, automation of premium billing provides competitive differentiation for healthcare, insurance, and voluntary benefits. Current clients appreciate accurate and on-time billing and will stay with firms who can consistently deliver this.

And the AdminaHealth Billing Suite makes adding new business easy by focusing on exceptions vs. comparing every line item for each plan.

Monthly invoices

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