AdminaHealth® Named a Top 10 Billing & Invoicing Solution Company to Watch

Insights Success magazine recognizes the rapidly growing insurtech SaaS organization

GREENWICH, Conn., February 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AdminaHealth®, a leading insuretech and provider of automated benefits billing solutions for the healthcare, insurance, and employee benefits marketplace, has been named a Top 10 Billing & Invoicing Solution Company to Watch by Insights Success magazine. AdminaHealth was recognized for being at the forefront of premium billing innovation.

“We are delighted to be recognized for transforming insurance premium billing solutions and delivering exceptional value,” says Robert A. Bull, CEO and Founding Member of AdminaHealth. “Automation and consolidation give organizations a simplified answer to complex tasks and eliminate error-prone, manual processes. Unlike legacy billing systems, our innovation enables the generation of reconciled bills listing the exact amount owed to each coverage carrier as well as a consolidated invoice listing all coverages for groups. By automating manually-intensive and error-prone processes, we have simplified the administration of employee benefits, allowing brokers, carriers, TPAs, and companies to offer as many varied benefits as necessary to meet employee needs—without added administrative burden.”

The SaaS-based premium billing platform delivers benefits across the benefits ecosystem: it allows insurance brokers and TPAs to quickly scale their business, and also enables insurance carriers to easily consolidate group invoices for all products across their divisions as well as those they are reselling.

The robust AdminaHealth Billing SuiteTM is able to support all common billing types, across an unlimited array of healthcare, insurance, and voluntary benefits for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

“We are very excited about this additional industry recognition and the rapid growth we are experiencing around our premium billing platform,” said Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Frank Bianchi. “Our billing platform is an example of a ‘CoreTech’ application, which in today’s rapidly-evolving environment is mission-critical to customer success. Brokers, employers, agents, TPAs, and carriers can no longer compete effectively if they are relying on outdated manual processes including spreadsheets to manage employer plan rules. The explosive growth in voluntary benefits, in addition to growth in demand for medical and core insurance benefits, has set the bar higher requiring innovation, automation, and process transformation.”

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About AdminaHealth®

AdminaHealth® is an API-First cloud-based provider of the industry-recognized AdminaHealth Billing Suite® supporting healthcare, insurance, and voluntary benefits.

Our SaaS platform automates bill consolidation and reconciliation and streamlines payment management. We integrate with leading Enrollment and Benefit Administration systems to ensure accurate premium billing, resulting in significant operational efficiencies.

We support all billing types and coverages for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. We are the only billing SaaS solution that has adopted the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and has earned the elite HITRUST CSF Certification®.