Bill Consolidation

So many bills to keep track of for many different benefits providers!

Part of the core functionality of the AdminaHealth Billing Suite, by automating bill consolidation you can save hours each month and satisfy benefits administrators and CFOs with a single bill providing both summary and detailed benefits premium information for each provider and bill period.

  • Automate consolidation of all vendor bills into one invoice.
  • Use to share with all invested parties, setting access control: top-level access can view and consolidate all sub-level bills; sub-level administrators can only view and act on their specific bills.
  • Easily export invoices to share as Excel or PDF.
One consolidated invoice

Automate Sub-Level Chargebacks!

The Billing Suite sub-bill consolidation function integrates with the Payments module, allowing you to easily automate sub-level chargebacks.

Effortless Organization & Clarity:

Ditch the juggling act! Automate bill consolidation for a single, streamlined invoice that reflects your company’s structure. Group and categorize bills by department, location, franchise, or any other relevant criteria for immediate clarity and better budgeting.

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Collaborative Control & Transparency:

Empower everyone with informed oversight. Top-level users gain a holistic view of all consolidated bills, while sub-level administrators manage their specific bills effectively with secure access control. Transparency breeds trust and accountability.

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Seamless Sharing & Analysis:

Export consolidated invoices effortlessly as Excel or PDF. Share data with ease for swift collaboration and informed decision-making. No more scrambling for paperwork or confusing spreadsheets – streamline reporting and analysis for efficient budgeting and cost-saving insights.

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