Carriers & TPAs

Achieve ultimate efficiency by streamlining bill presentment and dispersing funds to business partners without added hours of work. 

  • Streamline Bill Presentment – Create a unified bill consolidating all enrollment and premium data for employer-sponsored (self-funded or insured) and voluntary products.
  • One-Click Billing – Electronically send notice of new consolidated invoices to groups, providing employers with a link to access a user-friendly portal to initiate electronic payment.
  • Accept & Disperse Electronic Payments – disperse funds proportionately to product service partners based on employer enrollment and payment information.

Get started with efficient, accurate, and timely premium administration.

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Cut Hours of Adjustments & Re-Work

AdminaHealth Carrier & TPA clients benefit from clean monthly enrollment data. The AdminaHealth Billing Suite helps you synchronize adds, terms, and life event changes before these become a service issue.

Digitally Transform Employee Benefits Billing

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Self-Service Group Portal

Electronically present a consolidated bill containing all product lines to your clients. Allow employers to note life event adjustments to be reflected in the next billing period.

Speed Up Workflows with Technology

Eliminate reporting lag times by using automation to reconcile changes in data each month. This facilitates accuracy in benefit enrollment data, payroll data, and ultimately billing/payments.

Normalize Ongoing Data Flow

Reconcile enrollment with life event adjustments to synchronize clean employee data to use for billing, eligibility, claims, etc.


More Than A Vendor:
A Trusted Partner

At AdminaHealth, we take pride in the white glove service we provide.

All partners are assigned a Relationship Manager and Data Analyst.

During onboarding and beyond, you can reach out to your Relationship Manager anytime you have questions or need help. We are here to make sure you have the support you need for your insurance benefits billing processes to run smoothly every month.

Simplified Billing Services

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1. Collect Siloed Coverage Data

Collect coverage policy data from each of your operating units. Import employer enrollment data containing plan choices, coverage tiers, and employee-specific information via industry standard API, CSV, Excel, EDI, XML, or custom formats. Policy data includes information unique to each enrolled employee, including the coverage level and premium due for each product. 

2. Consolidation

Multiple Product Lines, One Bill
Carriers can now produce a bill with a consolidated view of all product lines for secure digital presentment. 

Division Reporting
The consolidated view can show multiple lines of coverage by division for employer internal reporting. Each division-specific invoice adds up to the total premium due. The invoice can be viewed online in the portal or exported and sent to each division.

3. Send Bills to Employers

Send each employer a secure link to your Billing Suite portal (customized with your branding). Benefits administrators can access the bills, enter adjustments, and initiate payments.

4. Accept Updated Enrollment Information

Receive information containing enrollment life event changes. Break out the enrollment changes including the updated enrollment data and related premium received to update each internal operating unit. Generate custom carrier product line reports based on your requirements, such as coverage tiers, product lines, and demographics.

5. Facilitate Digital Payments

Within the Billing Suite, employers have the ability to initiate electronic premium payments. The funds are moved electronically from the employer’s bank account to the carrier’s account.

“Before implementing AdminaHealth’s customized Billing Suite, we were struggling

with managing the connections to enrollment platforms and providing accurate customer billing that included all our product lines on a single bill. Additionally, all payments were received through our lockbox process. Now, with AdminaHealth, we’ve streamlined the billing process for our clients. Our brokers couldn’t be happier with the decrease in complaints and our employers are happy that they have an online portal with which to access and pay their bills.”

~VP of Billing, Top 15 National Carrier


Your company has a unique workflow, ecosystem, and tech stack. The AdminaHealth Billing Suite for Carriers can provide you with customized solutions for your specific needs.
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