AdminaHealth® 2020 Employee Benefits Survey Identifies Need for Premium Billing Automation in All Market Segments

AdminaHealth released the results of their Future of Premium Billing: 2020 and Beyond Survey this week. The survey pointed to key indicators outlining the need for technology that can streamline the currently manual, time-intensive processes involved with employee benefit billing administration.

SURVEY: The Future of Benefits Premium Billing: 2020 and Beyond

Thank you for your participating in the below survey. Upon completion, in Q2 you will receive a white paper outlining the survey findings across our community. You will also be entered into a giveaway for a new FitBit Versa 2! If you want to DOUBLE your chances of winning, simply “Follow” AdminaHealth on LinkedIn. Follow […]

Healthcare and Benefits Premium Billing: Innovations in Integration

Employee healthcare and voluntary benefits premium billing is at a tipping point. As companies modernize their core applications such as enrollment, benefit administration, and payments, they are also in a position to simplify, consolidate, and automate reconciliations—and transform business operations. Streamlining and improving premium billing through the use of technology does not require massive development […]

2020 Foresight – Preparing for 4 Disruptive Trends in Digital Benefits Billing

Digital billing. Automated reconciliation. Electronic payments. In some industries, these are already the norm. Banks have adopted electronic payments in a big way for capital markets trades and settlements. Some of the same fundamental approaches can be used in benefits billing, with much smaller investments. Over the next few years, the digital evolution will sweep […]

Checklist: “Key Considerations When Modernizing a Benefits Administration SaaS Platform”

Are you a Broker, Carrier, Captive, Association, Employer, or TPA? Have you considered what a modern, automated, SaaS platform could do for increasing operational efficiency in administering employee healthcare and insurance benefits in your business? Download our checklist on the Key Considerations When Modernizing a Benefits Administration SaaS Platform to help guide you as you review service […]

How to Remove the 6 Biggest Benefits Billing Hurdles from Worksite Benefits Programs

Attracting top talent requires employers of all sizes to offer a diverse set of employee benefits in their organizations. Employees have an increasing role as consumer of these benefits, enabling them to select the right amount of insurance coverage to meet their personal and family needs. This is a critical part of employee satisfaction and […]

AdminaHealth® Achieves “Single Payment” for Benefit Plan Billing

Billing, bill consolidation, reconciliation, and payments in support of employee benefits administration are excellent examples of a significant industry challenge. Billing is not a core competency of many of the organizations providing solutions to the industry and requires accuracy, data integrity, and quality to achieve high customer satisfaction. Employer plans vary from simple to very complex with a very diverse range of benefits and insurance coverages.

What if some of the administrative efficiencies can be realized TODAY, and include other coverages within a benefit plan such as life insurance, disability, and AD&D?

The hidden costs of the second biggest operational expense in any organization

Every organization across the United States is feeling the impact of the increased cost of healthcare.  With the insurgence of Specialty brand drugs, government subsidies ending, and transition of the insurance market in association with the administration change at the highest office, most are resigned to thinking costs are going to continue to increase yearly […]

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