AdminaHealth® Achieves “Single Payment” for Benefit Plan Billing

Much of today’s digital transformation investment is currently focused on front-end customer experience. This ensures the achievement of multi-channel sales as well as self-service and contact center service objectives. There also remains a significant opportunity to transform administration and financial processes that have a considerable customer or member visibility. Billing, bill consolidation, reconciliation, and payments […]

Going rogue: Guys behind $30 billion giant ServiceNow launch tech startup in San Diego

By BRITTANY MEILING JAN 04, 2019 Originally posted at Some of the earliest employees and original architects of the $30 billion tech giant ServiceNow have launched a stealthy tech startup in Solana Beach, and the team is onto something interesting. The company, called Dreamtsoft, makes an online tool that allows businesses to create their own […]

The hidden costs of the second biggest operational expense in any organization

Every organization across the United States is feeling the impact of the increased cost of healthcare.  With the insurgence of Specialty brand drugs, government subsidies ending, and transition of the insurance market in association with the administration change at the highest office, most are resigned to thinking costs are going to continue to increase yearly […]

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