Service Provider Payments

Make sure premium bills are paid on time by collecting and authorizing electronic payments!

AdminaHealth’s Incoming & Outgoing Payment Services allow groups to complete the full payment cycle. Collect premium from member groups and send payment to each carrier covering the full premium amount.

  • Funds are transferred between a group’s account and carrier based on the reconciled bill.
  • Clients maintain control of their funds without AdminaHealth taking fiduciary responsibility.
  • Ideal for Associations, governmental groups, franchises, etc. regardless of whether group structure is one simple account or multi-entity.
AdminaHealth payments
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Payment Services Without Being a TPA

AdminaHealth is able to streamline your payment management without being a licensed TPA as we never handle the money. Working with our partner banks, we simply provide the connections to streamline your payment operations.

Automated Collections

Eliminate the manual handling of checks and invoices by collecting premiums electronically from member groups. This reduces the risk of errors and late payments, saving time and money.

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On-Time Payments

By collecting and disbursing payments electronically, member groups can easily make sure premium payments are on time.

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Less Paperwork

AdminaHealth’s electronic payment services eliminate the need for paper checks and invoices, reducing the amount of paperwork that member groups and carriers need to manage.

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