Invoice Reconciliation

No more comparing mountains of paper or multiple spreadsheets!

Ensure billing integrity and auditability by using AdminaHealth’s automated reconciliation core module. Validate you are paying the correct premium amounts taking into account any adds, terms, or changes that happen month-over-month.

  • Automate reconciliation between census data and carrier invoices to catch inaccurate rates, life events, and changes.
  • Quickly review mismatches on an Exceptions Dashboard.
  • Automate self-bill reconciliation to capture any month-over-month changes.

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Automation with AdminaHealth
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“This system would be a huge value add for us as they overlay all benefits systems to reconcile and catch errors before there is coverage lapse.”

-Future Client Comment After Attending a Demo

Effortless Accuracy & Peace of Mind

Say goodbye to tedious manual comparisons and potential errors. AdminaHealth’s automation engine seamlessly reconciles payroll and census data with carrier invoices, eliminating discrepancies and guaranteeing you’re paying the right amounts. This translates to peace of mind for you and your employees.

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Proactive Detection & Cost Savings

Go beyond catching errors – prevent them proactively! The system automatically flags inaccurate rates, life events, and coverage changes, allowing you to address issues before they become costly problems. Minimize overpayments and optimize your benefits budget with this real-time oversight.

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Efficient Resolution & Streamlined Workflow

No more drowning in exceptions. The intuitive Exceptions Dashboard surfaces discrepancies clearly, making it easy to review and resolve issues quickly. This streamlines your workflow, freeing up valuable time and resources for more strategic tasks.

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