AdminaHealth® Liquidity

All the advantages of being fully self-funded, with fixed monthly payments similar to being fully-insured. The AdminaHealth® Healthcare Expense Management (HEM) Solution is structured around a liquidity facility and inexpensive, high deductible stop-loss protection. This mechanism allows for level (within a program year) monthly payments like fully-insured plans, irrespective of actual healthcare claims. It also spreads claims experience over the three-year program term. If claims are higher than expected, AdminaHealth effectively loans your organization the spread between the stop-loss attachment point and your expected monthly payments. The repayment of the liquidity facility can be spread over the three-year program term.

HEM: How it Works

Combines any self-funded benefit program with stop loss protection and a cash smoothing mechanism.

In the event of higher claims than expected, cash smoothing mechanism covers them.

Level monthly payments during each year of the 3-year contract program.

Client’s monthly payment is adjusted after each year.

Client’s cash smoothing balance is factored into annual payment adjustment, as are actual claims paid.

Client’s monthly payment may increase to pay off its cash smoothing balance, or often decreases due to lower-than-expected claims.

Cash Flow Smoothing

Fixed Payments

Mitigated Risk

Smoothed Claims

Cost Effective Stop-Loss

Utilize a higher-deductible policy

No lasering

Agnostic to Network, Stop-Loss, or Carrier

Highly Flexible

Use Any Network

Transparent to Employees

Administrative Ease for Clients

Automatic Processing

Help with Payments

Real-Time Data

Reporting Done-for-You

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