Multi-Entity Billing

Simplify the billing administration for multi-group plans, such as those of school districts, franchises, car dealerships, hotel chains, government agencies, and unions. The AdminaHealth Billing Suite provides powerful tools that keep administration a breeze:

  • Centralized Dashboard – Plan administrators can keep track of the progress of all monthly premium bills for each sub-group in one location. They have the option of having group members perform monthly reconciliation for their group or the administrator can be responsible for monthly reconciliation.
  • Individual Group Bills generate individual invoices for each employer group showing only their monthly plan premium information and amount due.
  • Subconsolidated BillTM generate one bill for plan administrators containing consolidated plan information for each member group.
  • Sub-Bill ConsolidationTM  spread benefits costs by employee across location, department, etc. by allocating a percentage of the entire month’s benefit premium bill to chargeback to each division.

AdminaHealth makes it easy to administer benefits programs for organizations with multiple group members. We understand the unique challenges and provide tailored solutions to streamline benefit billing and cost management.

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Subconsolidation Configuration

AdminaHealth provides the tools to help each location reconcile their employee activity (i.e., enrollment changes and premium adjustments) and roll up all locations to produce a consolidated invoice for the parent company. In some instances, the parent organization collects funds from the departments and pays the vendor in aggregate. In other cases, each department pays the vendor their portion of the total invoice.

Streamlined Reconciliation and Reporting

The automated roll-up feature ensures accuracy and efficiency by eliminating manual calculations and potential errors. This saves time and resources, allowing finance teams to focus on strategic tasks.

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Simplified Process

Whether the parent company pays in aggregate or departments pay individually, the consolidated invoice simplifies the process for both parties. This reduces administrative burden and streamlines financial transactions.

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Configurable Reporting

The ability to track data by unique divisions/departments caters to organizations with complex structures, regardless of revenue or employee count. This ensures relevant and customized reporting for all stakeholders.

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