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Easily handle billing and payment administration of multi-entity benefits plans with our automated software solution. Synchronize your data with carrier and claim payer data, driving accuracy in your monthly payments.

  • Produce Subconsolidated BillTM Breakdowns – create individual department, division, or unit bills for each member group and produce a top-level bill containing data for all member groups.
  • Make Sure All Dollars are Accounted For – provide your groups the ability to reconcile their monthly premium bills or have the group administrator perform reconciliation regularly.
  • Simplify Premium Collection & Payment – use a single account to aggregate group premium and submit disbursements to carriers/vendors electronically.
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It’s Like Having an Ultra-Accurate Virtual Assistant

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to real-time insights, automated reporting, and squeaky-clean data. Partnering with AdminaHealth gives you back your time, boosts accuracy, and reduces costs – leaving you free to focus on what truly matters: keeping group members happy and healthy.

An Investment That Pays Multiple Dividends

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Administrative Oversight ROI

New clients being implemented on the AdminaHealth Billing Suite frequently uncover discrepancies between enrollment and billing data that have existed for many months. Identifying and resolving those discrepancies commonly results in significant savings that can offset platform costs. The monthly reconciliation process prevents future errors from being passed on to claims payers.

Transition Intensive Manual Processes to Operational Efficiencies

Reduce hours of manual adjustments for each carrier bill monthly. No more reviewing multiple bills from multiple carriers for the same employee change event.

Time spent on monthly reconciliation tasks significantly decreases when you automate the billing administration workflow to review all an employee’s plans as changes happen.

Accurate Service Delivery

Your groups are responsible for communicating to claims payers who has enrolled and at what level of coverage.

Due to the timing of data capture and file transfer schedules, not all service vendors have the most current information to deliver services or pay claims. Validating the claims payers’ billing data is aligned with the groups’ information minimizes the risk of inaccurate service delivery. Know members are enrolled in the plans they opted into and paying the correct contribution amount.


Your company has a unique workflow, ecosystem, and tech stack. The AdminaHealth Billing Suite can provide you with customized solutions for your specific needs.
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