Payroll Reconciliation

AdminaHealth Payroll Reconciliation empowers benefits professionals to uncover discrepancies between enrollment data (including expected deductions) and payroll deductions. Rectifying errors promptly improves the accuracy of data that drives claims and premium payments.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Identify errors to avoid costly benefits budget variances and employee frustration.
  • Increased Transparency: Synchronize benefit enrollment activity with payroll deductions, providing timely insights into the billing details.
  • Proactive Cost Management: Identify hidden costs or potential overpayments, empowering you to optimize your benefits program and maximize savings.
AdminaHealth Payroll Reconciliation infographic
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Highlight Month-Over-Month Premium Deduction Changes

Investing in an automated payroll comparison tool is an investment in peace of mind, accuracy, and financial well-being for your company!

Reduce Errors and Improve Accuracy

Reconciling payroll deductions with enrollment data allows you to catch any discrepancies before the enrollment data reaches the carrier. This significantly reduces errors in premium billing and claims, providing employees with a smoother service experience.

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More Timely Data Flow

Without payroll reconciliation in place, it could take months for employee adds, terms, and life events to get communicated to the carrier. Payroll is one of the first places that gets updated after a change; hence, by reconciling payroll with enrollment data, administrators will catch overlooked changes to communicate to the carrier in a more timely manner.

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Reduce Rework

Catching employee adds, terms, and life events in the month they occur allows HR directors and insurance carriers to pivot more quickly. This translates to fewer discrepancies that need to be tracked or acted upon to resolve the situation before it becomes an issue.

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