About AdminaHealth®

Who We Are

About AdminaHealth

AdminaHealth® was founded on a disruptive idea: deliver the most complete cloud-based invoice consolidation, reconciliation, and payment management solution to the benefits industry. With a single software system, AdminaHealth provides unique operational, reporting, and billing solutions specifically targeted to the Broker, TPA, Captive, Association, and Carrier industries.

Our mission is to create value for insurance customers by reducing the administrative burdens using innovative technology. 

Our vision is that the administration of insurance is accurate and effortless.


Our Values

Act With Integrity
We demonstrate courage and character to always do what is right.
Pursue Excellence
We focus our knowledge, experience and expertise to create extraordinary value for our customers.
Share Success
We are one team, leveraging each other’s expertise to succeed together. We understand we can achieve more together than as individuals.
Customer Focus
Relationships are the foundation of our success. We will bring empathy, passion and professionalism to the relationship.
Commit and Deliver
We are accountable to our clients and each other to deliver what we promise, take ownership of our obligations and learn from our mistakes.

Our Corporate Evolution

We were initially founded in 2014 as a risk-mitigating financial liquidity product under the name Salus Finance. The liquidity product gave more groups the ability to take advantage of the benefits of self-funding. However, we quickly realized that the standalone value of the capabilities of the platform that we developed could help businesses beyond just those transitioning to self-funding. We launched AdminaHealth in 2016 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Salus Finance, specifically focused on bringing these standalone software capabilities to market. In 2018, AdminaHealth relaunched the former software on an extremely flexible platform to support a scalable SaaS solution with enhanced capabilities to be able to service operations serving fully insured, self-funded and hybrid plans from any enrollment partner.

AdminaHealth company timeline

Beyond the Processes and the Technology… A CEO’s Reflection

AdminaHealth team

Members of the AdminaHealth team with CEO and Founding Member Robert A. Bull, center

Robert A Bull

Robert Bull, CEO and Founding Member

As the CEO of a SaaS company, our unique technological offering is seemingly the key to our success. We have taken a (usually) manual process of invoice consolidation, reconciliation, and payment management and automated it to bring efficiency to the benefit marketplace. Our goal is to help mitigate the inaccuracies of billing that plague this industry. 

In doing so, we aim to lower expenses associated with these errors making benefits more affordable to employers and their team members. With growing costs in healthcare and benefits, it is imperative to ensure invoices are correct.  Discrepancies in this area have cost companies tens of thousands of dollars. Is this technology really the foundation to our success though?     

I look around the office at this team of highly talented, dedicated professionals and realize my passion for our company and the success of our solutions extends far beyond the cutting-edge technology we offer.  Our success comes from both our team and our customers. The “processes” and “technology” would not exist without these “people.”  Each of these members exhibit our core values;  

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Shared success
  • Perseverance
  • Accountability

I have found character is defined by acting with integrity. We have built a culture around this fundamental principle as it is core to our business. We pursue excellence in all we do to ensure the highest level of value to our customers. Leveraging the unique talents of the team enables us to achieve far more together than individually. 

Our top focus is on our customers, for we are not successful unless those we serve are successful. We persevere through growth opportunities in order to apply the knowledge gained and utilize that experience for continual improvement and enhancement. We are accountable to our customers for what we commit to deliver, and we stand by our pledge to bring passion, professionalism, and excellence in service to the benefits industry.  

These values I find imperative to not only my professional success but also my personal success. Building a culture that embodies these characteristics is critical to our team as well as to ensuring the highest level of customer care.  

It is an honor to lead this company and to serve our customers and partners as “People” are the true key to our success. Thank you to the AdminaHealth team and to our customers and partners!