AdminaHealth Billing Suite® Subconsolidated Billing: Flexible Administration for Complex Organizations

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GREENWICH, Conn., March 27, 2024 /PR Newswire/ — Managing employee benefits across groups can be a significant burden. It’s why organizations with complex employee benefit structures – such as schools, franchises, government agencies, and unions – are turning to AdminaHealth Billing Suite’s Subconsolidated BillTM module. This new solution from the leading employee benefits billing solutions provider for the healthcare, insurance, and voluntary benefits marketplace simplifies bill consolidation and payment administration using features designed explicitly for multi-department, division, or location needs.

The software solution revolutionizes how plan administrators perform monthly reconciliation and consolidation by automating processes, ensuring accuracy, and saving time for benefits administrators.

Case Study: Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Saves Over $230,000 with AdminaHealth

Situation: Each month, a PEO managing benefits for 1,500 participants across 120 locations struggled with:

  • Keeping up with unique employee activity and benefit premium allocation across all locations.
  • A lack of internal invoicing capabilities for balancing enrollments for the multiple locations.
  • Legacy systems routinely overstate premium due.

Solution: The PEO implemented the AdminaHealth Billing Suite’s Reconciliation and Subconsolidated BillTM modules. The modules allow the PEO to reconcile and consolidate member premiums across locations, streamline internal chargebacks, and configure custom invoice formats for internal billing. Even more, AdminaHealth immediately identified errors caused by incorrect rates, missing coverages, and pro-rated billing adjustments.

Results: The PEO recovered over $39,000 in premium leakage. Had the error gone undiscovered, the company would have incurred over $230,000 in annual expense leakage. The AdminaHealth SaaS software reduces the effort required to administer benefits costs for all locations and quickly identifies monthly billing errors to prevent future overpayments.

Effortless Multi-Group Benefits Management

AdminaHealth offers similar impactful benefits for all large organizations:

  • Consolidated invoices: Easily generate a single, comprehensive bill encompassing consolidated plan information for each group.
  • Sub-Consolidated BillTM breakdowns: Drill down and create individual department, division, or location bills by member group for granular cost allocation and intra-organization chargebacks.
  • Individualized group billing: Create custom invoices by group, outlining monthly plan premium information and the amount due for each.

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About AdminaHealth

AdminaHealth is the leading provider of patented billing and payment solutions for the insurance industry. The company’s innovative platform simplifies the administration of benefits and streamlines payment processes for brokers, carriers, employers, and third-party administrators.

About AdminaHealth®

AdminaHealth® is an API-First cloud-based provider of the industry-recognized AdminaHealth Billing Suite® supporting healthcare, insurance, and voluntary benefits.

Our SaaS platform automates bill consolidation and reconciliation and streamlines payment management. We integrate with leading Enrollment and Benefit Administration systems to ensure accurate premium billing, resulting in significant operational efficiencies.

We support all billing types and coverages for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. We are the only billing SaaS solution that has adopted the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and has earned the elite HITRUST CSF Certification®.