A Robust Billing & Payments Solution

Let the powerful AdminaHealth Billing Suite® handle employee benefit premium billing reconciliation, consolidation, & payments, so you can spend more time building relationships and your business.

The Benefits of Automated Reconciliation & Consolidation

Automation with AdminaHealth
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“The billing suite saves my team around 30 hours of work each week and catches discrepancies that can easily be missed by a manual process.”

– 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey Respondent

Implement a Simplified Workflow

Eliminate process inefficiencies with automation.

Premium billing administration steps with AdminaHealth
AdminaHealth Billing Suite®, US Patent No.: US 11,410,246 B2, International Patents Pending

Step 1: Import

Submit Enrollment, Carrier Invoices, and Payroll data to AdminaHealth to import.

Step 2: Reconciliation

AdminaHealth reconciles all data. Exceptions, including the reason something was flagged, are automatically posted in the online portal for easy access.

Step 3: Resolution

Benefits plan administrators have the information needed to understand the cause of errors and can make the required resolution updates.

Step 4: Consolidation

With clean billing data you can now quickly generate consolidated invoices showing the total amount due for all benefit premiums as well as the breakdowns by location, division, department, etc.

Step 5: Pay

Complete the simplified workflow with electronic payments.

“We needed help allocating benefit premium costs across multiple locations and exporting invoices in a custom format.

AdminaHealth not only helped us resolve billing discrepancies, but also achieved significant cost savings and improved accuracy and efficiency.”

Collect & Approve Electronic Payments

Simplify the payment process with on-time electronic payments.

Payments with the AdminaHealth Billing Suite
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With a proven monthly workflow that incorporates automation keeping billing data clean and accurate, your clients will renew year after year.

Don’t delay! The AdminaHealth Billing Suite can be implemented at any time during the plan year.

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