Sales Brief: Brokers

Learn how the AdminaHealth Billing Suite can help your clients free up valuable resources and conquer challenges commonly found with benefits billing.

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Sales Brief: Employers

Introduce the AdminaHealth Billing Suite to your clients. They will discover how it empowers HR Teams, frees up valuable time, and provides cost control CFOs will love.

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About AdminaHealth

A quick snapshot view of our company, platform, and capabilities.

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Case Study: Resolving Billing Discrepancies & Maximizing Efficiency

Discover how AdminaHealth’s Billing Suite revolutionized benefits billing administration for a PEO.

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Benefits Billing ROI

Discover how clients can realize positive ROI covering the first years’ platform costs or more during implementation as well as additional direct and indirect cost savings through the ongoing monthly reconciliation process.

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Security Measures You Can Count On

With the powerful automation of the AdminaHealth Billing Suite and security measures you can count on, the question of risk-reward is no longer valid.

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Reconcile & Report by Sub-Level

Simplify premium bill administration with powerful subconsolidation tools.

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Payroll Comparison

Uncover discrepancies between enrollment data (including expected deductions) and payroll deductions. Rectifying errors promptly improves the accuracy of data that drives claims and premium payments.

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Rate Verification

Ensure employees are paying the correct premium amounts.

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Benefit Cost Allocation

Apportion benefit costs across multiple locations.

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