Unparalleled Client Support

All partners are assigned an Implementation Manager, Product Manager, and Data Analysts. All team members are based in the U.S., ready to make sure you are successful!

Sales Support Team

The AdminaHealth® Sales Team will engage with you first. Through a series of conversations, they will help you determine what capabilities of the AdminaHealth Billing Suite® you or each of your clients require and provide to you a custom pricing model to support those specific needs. Once the agreements are in the process of being executed, you will be assigned a Customer Success Team member.

Customer Success Team

The Customer Success Team will help assist you and your clients. They will guide you through the onboarding process, getting you up and running smoothly and with minimal effort. Each client is assigned a member of the Customer Success team who will know you, your clients, and their exact implementation details, and they will then continue to be your first stop when you or your clients have questions, need advice on operational procedures, or need guidance. We genuinely offer white-glove service with an ongoing relationship to ensure our product provides you enduring value.

Technical Support Team

The Technical Support Team ensures that your data and payments are flowing smoothly and without errors through the system. If you have any questions that the Customer Success Team can’t answer or you need help outside of normal business hours, you’ll engage with the Technical Support Team to get your questions answered or your issue resolved.

Implementation Manager Siobain McHugh

“Our Implementation Manager and Data/Business Analyst are great partners and they work very hard to meet our needs.”

– 2024 Customer Satisfaction Survey Respondent

“Our AdminaHealth team is the absolute best!”

– 2024 Customer Satisfaction Survey Respondent

Implementation Manager Kate Erwin

“Our Implementation Manager is always available and responsive to our inquiries.”

– 2024 Customer Satisfaction Survey Respondent

Your Success Starts Here: Unleash the Power of Our Customer Success Team

The AdminaHealth Customer Success team consistently gets superior rankings in our Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Combining cutting-edge, powerful software with knowledgeable and friendly team members removes the friction from the employee benefits premium billing monthly process.