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Delight clients and scale your book of business by including value-add reconciliation and consolidation services using the AdminaHealth Billing Suite®.

  • The Entity That Brings Order to Chaos – we flag errors before they snowball into larger billing issues, keeping your client’s plan year implementations on track for smooth administration without employee complaints.
  • Unparalleled Efficiency & Accuracy – streamline and automate billing and payment administrative workflows, eliminating tedious manual tasks and saving hours to days each month while improving accuracy and service delivery.
  • A Value Add That Gives You A Competitive Advantage – today’s clients are weary of the data discrepancy drama that comes with data synchronization within the benefits ecosystem. Provide a solution that improves the employee experience.

The Billing Suite is ideal to implement for your entire book of business; simple or complex, large or small. Contact us today for a price quote!

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Trusted By 7 of the Top 10 U.S. Brokerages

When you choose AdminaHealth, you’re joining a network of success. Our premium billing and payment solutions have earned the confidence of industry leaders, providing efficiency, accuracy, and peace of mind for their clients. Join the AdminaHealth community to experience the same seamless billing advantage for your clients.

From Phantom Plans to Financial Wins:
$98,000 Billing Mystery Solved

A top benefits broker partnered with AdminaHealth to increase the operational efficiency around billing reconciliation for a Florida university with 2,800 plan participants. AdminaHealth discovered the university was being charged over $8,000/month for 141 employees who were participating in a discontinued life insurance plan on a direct bill basis. Finding this error eliminated a $98,000 bill the university would have otherwise paid.

An Investment That Pays Multiple Dividends

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Administrative Oversight ROI

New clients being implemented on the AdminaHealth Billing Suite frequently uncover discrepancies between enrollment and billing data that have existed for many months. Identifying and resolving those discrepancies commonly results in significant savings that can offset platform costs. The monthly reconciliation process prevents future errors from being passed on, thereby improving the employee benefits experience.

Transition Intensive Manual Processes to Operational Efficiencies

Reduce hours of manual adjustments for each carrier bill monthly. The system identifies employee life event changes by reviewing and capturing the employee life event data electronically, allowing employers to keep their primary databases current.

Time spent on monthly reconciliation tasks significantly decreases when you automate the billing administration workflow to review employee changes as they happen.

Accurate Service Delivery

Employers are responsible for communicating to claims payers who has enrolled and at what level of coverage.

Due to the timing of data capture and file transfer schedules, not all service vendors have the most current information to deliver services or pay claims. Validating the claims payers’ billing data is aligned with your client’s information minimizes the risk of inaccurate service delivery thereby minimizing the number of complaints your clients hear and must resolve.


Your company has a unique workflow, ecosystem, and tech stack. The AdminaHealth Billing Suite can provide you with customized solutions for your specific needs.
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